Spotlight Flashing 6 Red Dots when connected to Hardwired kit

Spotlight Cam works when using supplied wired adapter but does not when connected to (HW) Hardwired Adapter kit.

When connected to HW adapter, the camera flashing 6 red dots/squares and never connects. I tried resetting the camera and leaving in blinking for 30 mins. I have tested 3 HW kits and all have the same result. I have also tested a separate Spotlight camera.

I have removed a working outdoor light fixture and added the Ring HW Kit. The electrical box is connected to a toggle light switch inside the home. I tested the wires with a multimeter; black = hot, white = neutral and ground wire coming from my home. I connected the wires according to color on the HW Adapter Kit. The red wire is capped and unused.

Can someone please tell me what the 6 flashing dots indicate so I can better troubleshoot this?

Hi @NikG. Which model of Ring Spotlight Camera are you using? Is this a Spotlight Cam Battery or a Spotlight Cam Wired? As for the hardwiring kit you mentioned, you’re using the Hardwired Kit listed on our website here, correct? I can ask my team if they have any suggestions on this once I have a bit more information. :slight_smile:

Just started having this problem 2 days ago… and my spotlight cam has been installed and running flawless for 2 months.

If anyone has an idea please post

Hi @Tavaresdc. Is your Spotlight Cam reporting as online or offline in the Ring App? Are you able to access the Live View, or review any previously recorded events in your Event History?