Spotlight cams won’t connect, but powered on

I have two spotlight cams that stopped connecting within several hours of each other. One I bought last December, and the other back in March. They are connected to WiFi, and the batteries are charge, but there’s a solid red light showing on the inside where the batteries are of each camera (not blinking). They still light up when there’s motion and are getting power from the batteries, but won’t connect. Help!

Hi @LexiPRO2863. Do the devices enter setup mode when you press the setup button? If the devices are reporting as offline, you’ll need to make sure you press this button and the blue light flashes accordingly when trying to put them into setup mode. Then, go into your Device Health and select Reconnect to Wifi, getting the Ring AP connected and then your wifi information in. If you still run into a roadblock, please take a screenshot of where in the app you’re stuck at so I can help further! :slight_smile: