Spotlight Camera - Will detecting motion trigger siren/alarm?

I am wanting to monitor all motion on my outdoor spotlight cam, while not setting off the siren/alarm; especially as I have professional monitoring.

Essentially, if I have all motion zones turned on for my spotlight camera and set the record motion & alert motion settings on the device, when I set the alarm to Home or Away modes (which monitor the spotlight camera), will motion that is detected on the spotlight camera trigger the siren/alarm?

I have the indoor motion detectors and those are only set to alarm if motion is detected during away mode. Obviously with variables changing outside, I don’t mind the recordings but DO NOT want it to set off the alarm unless the indoor motion detectors or door sensors are tripped; setting the alarm off in a credible scenario.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Hi @yeyitskristin. Happy to clear this up easily for you! At this time, whether you have the devices set up through Linked Devices, there is no way for a Ring Camera or Doorbell to set off the Ring Alarm when motion is detected at those devices. Only the Ring Alarm Security System Device like the Contact Sensor and Motion Detector made for the Alarm, can trip your alarm. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Is there a reason why camera motion cannot activate the siren, if the user has it configured to do so? At my location, I have some persistant birds wanting to build a nest on top of the camera. An automate siren upon motion detection would certainly take care of this issue!