Spotlight Camera Terrible Packet Loss

I have two Ring Spotlight cameras, both of which are connected with a Solar panel. One of them has worked flawlessly for the last year, with very good video despite an RSSI value of 63. The second one has an equal RSSI value but has been a poor performer from the beginning of its service. The video is useless, where it freezes after a split second of streaming while audio is maintained. I attempted to move the camera closer to the WiFi router but the video problem is maintained and the RSSI value did not improve.

After a month of these issues, I finally called Ring customer service who informed me that the packet loss on this device is extremely high. I informed the representative that none of the other devices have this same problem, including the other spotlight camera which is equi-distant to the router. Additionally, the ring devices sit on their own network by themselves, so the problem has to be the device itself. The representative insisted it was the home network and refused to allow me to exchange the device.

Has anyone else had this same problem?

Swap the camera’s locations.
Then see if the “bad” camera has an issue in the “good” location or if it is indeed the location that’s the issue.