Spotlight Camera Pro turn off pre roll


I want to to turn off pre roll recording as it is consuming battery too fast.

Customer support advised me to turn off picture in picture recording. I have done this. This turned off the picture in picture feature only. Pre roll recording is still happening.

I can see it is still happening because when I view recordings the pre roll portion is still there. Below picture is evidence.

I have called support but they only tell me to turn off picture in picture.

I am original poster this is I picture of the settings in my app.

Hi @Vyfli. Pre-Roll is a feature that is embedded into the camera and cannot be turned off. Nonetheless, Pre-Roll has minimal impact to battery life. If you are experiencing your battery draining to quickly, you may want to improve the amount of recordings your device is capturing, the duration it records or improve the RSSI of the device. You can also connect a Solar Panel to extend the battery life.

Hi Tom,

When I purchased the unit. My understanding is that the pre roll feature can be turned off. This understanding is based on the website here.

Suggest please fact check information on the website because consumers make purchase decisions on the back of this information.

Hi @Vyfli. Thank you for sharing that information. I’ll be sure to get this corrected. Also, for clarity, there is no specific “Pre-Roll” toggle off for the Spotlight Cam Pro. This Pre-Roll is embedded in the Picture in Picture. Sorry for any confusion. I will also have my team look into why turning off Picture in Picture is also not turning off Pre-Roll.