Spotlight camera power issues not getting help

Hi all,
I have just spent a fortune on a ringfastructure setup 3x spotlight cam pro’s doorbell pro and also full house alarm setup , I love the kit amazing to Install and setup, I got the battery cameras but I decided to set them up as wired and they have been working fine the power supplies work fine with no issues.
We had a ver small power outage in our area I would say 1 minute at the most
Now 1 of the cameras won’t go back into wired mode, I replaced the power supply thinking this was the issue and it still won’t work says no power connected. I tried the power cable in another camera and it’s working fine.
I work in IT so used to diagnosing etc, restarted the camera multiple times and tried multiple power sources and non work even though they work in other cameras.
I got onto support in a call and they asked me to reset the camera, I had to get the ladders climb up them and try do all this whilst on the phone, they tried a few things but nothing worked, they asked me to send pictures of the power supplies which are in the attic to be fair getting up there isn’t an easy job so I said it will be difficult the last on the phone just said there is nothing else I can do. And that’s it
Pretty annoyed to be honest as I have spent nearly 1k on securing my house the power is sufficient and works fine in the other cameras I think the problem is with the cameras USBC socket or a faulty camera.

Anyone got any suggestions please if this doesn’t get sorted I will probably return all the kit as the customer experience isnt good already and doesn’t give me much faith in futur.

Any help or advice from anyone would be great thanks for reading

Hi @B4nd1t. In the Community, other neighbors, me, and other members of my team can offer basic troubleshooting steps for certain concerns. Since you have already done the basic troubleshooting and are still having the same concern, the next best step is to continue working with our support team to further investigate.

Still no joy I eventually got the camera working purchased yet another really expensive official power supply plugged it in an it works straight away, plugged in the original power supply and it working as normal so I don’t see what the issue was. It’s just gone down again this week so I have to climb up and repeat the process again seems like this is going to be a regular occurrence and frustration

Hi @B4nd1t. You should be able to have the Spotlight Cam Pro Battery in wired mode as long as the plug-in adapter is properly connected. Make sure you have a charged battery inserted into the Spotlight Cam as a backup power source as well. We don’t have access to any account or device information here on the Community, so our troubleshooting ability is limited to general steps. Since this appears to be a persistent issue, it would be best to get in touch with our support team to review things on the back end.

Guessing these are default responses not getting any actual explanation to what’s happening, the current official ring power supply works fine in all the other cameras. I had to buy another one as a spare and test and plug that in on a temp basis then the new one stops working I think it’s an issue with the camera but ring won’t accept that, support would rather me climb ladders outside and then go and climb into the attic to take pictures. I have worked in IT for nearly 2 decades so understand technology and how to troubleshoot and any support if any just repeat the same thing over and over. I spent a fortune on this kit and subscription service thinking the support would be good not a happy customer at all. Really considering throwing it all in the bin and buying a different manufacturer setup.

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The spotlight camera is a piece off junk!
I also having issues with this camera (service engineer here), i hade mine to a solar panel, did not recharge the battery’s unless i pulled them out and put them back in. Tried to get a usb character straight to the camera , that worked for two weeks then issue came back.
Battery’s are fine (have a doorbell aswell so tried then there).
Have read that more are having this issues.

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