Spotlight Camera- Not connecting, Green Light Flashing

Reviving the issue with my spotlight camera not connecting to wifi. I am able to connect to camera setup wifi- but after waiting it just flashes GREEN. I charged batteries, re-installed and it wont connect to wifi- flashing green light. Tried all troubleshooting, any other options or fixes?

Also tried connecting to chime network, still does not work. Chime connects to network without issue. Other ring cameras are good also. Just this one spotlight cam crapping out.


  • Reset Spotlight Cam (Held button 20 Seconds)
  • Re-Entered Wifi Password Manually
  • Tried Guest 2.4ghz only network & also another router (that is 2.4ghz only).
  • Deleted App & Reinstalled/Signed in again.
  • Deleted Cam completely & Tried to Setup New.
  • Tried connecting through Chime Pro Network.

Side Notes;

  • Other Ring Cameras (another spotlight cam, 2x floodlight cams, & doorbell) have no issues.
  • Reconnected Chime Pro to network to test
    (no issue with network, chime pro connected quick)
  • The Spotlight cam with this issue has no problem making the wifi set-up network. It just gets to 95% locks there then ask what lights are flashing (green is flashing).

Kind of feel like this is a manufacture defect, something failing.

Hi @JustinLoft. Thank you for providing that information. One final test you can perform would be to try and connect this device to a WiFi hotspot with an alpha-numeric password. If this also fails to connect, please follow up with our support team. You can also get in touch by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter.

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