Spotlight camera - mounting lower than 9' OK?

The Spotlight camera mounting height is recommended for 9’. However, we have an older detached garage and it appears I can’t mount any higher than 7.5-8’, mounting to the soffit. Does anyone know how much this lower mounting height will impact the range and picture of the camera? I would have to have an electrician mount it only to not have it work :(.

Thank you!

Glad you asked @cwrigh01! We list 9 feet as the optimal mounting height as this would allow for the best motion and capture distance of 30 feet. That being said, it is fine to mount a bit lower or higher, as exactly 9 feet can be tough to obtain. Do keep in mind that the higher it is mounted the tougher motion is to detect and audio to be heard. If mounted lower, it may not reach outwards at the optimal distance of 30 feet and the experience can vary depending on camera angle. Otherwise, the Camera will of course operate as expected given the mounting height is not significantly lower or higher than 9 feet. :slight_smile:

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