Spotlight Camera Light Going on and ff with no motion

I turn the motion sensitivity to the lowest setting. And I don’t see any motion. But the light turns on and off all night long! It goes on for like 30 seconds. Off for about 10. Back on! All night!

Hey @icedoppio. Are just the lights coming on, and not the motion recording? If you are having the lights come on constantly but no video recording, there could be something in the PIR zone of motion detection for the lights that is setting off the light’s sensor. If you check out our Ring Help Center Article here, you’ll see how the zone for the light’s sensor is much larger, so things around and under the camera could be setting it off, like A/C systems or other large heat signatures. Let me know if there’s anything in the environment that could be causing this, as well as feel free to adjust the zones in your light settings. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem here. It starts after dusk and continues for about an hour or so. On and off, on and off.

I have the detection zone set to the lowest seting and no, there is nothing underneath it. My car is in view but it usually has been sitting there all day so there is no heat signature.

Very annoying.

I had this issue too. I didn’t realize there are two motion detection settings to fix this, one for lights, one for camera. Watch the video Chelsea_Ring posted.

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