Spotlight camera has static sound. Audio is no longer clear.

All of a sudden my audio is full of static. I can’t hear anything. I used to be able to hear the birds chirping. Now all I hear is static.

Hey @Kali1. Could you share us a video of what this static is like, in comparison to a video that does not have this static? In addition, have you introduced any new devices in the home, that could maybe cause this interference? Lastly, you can check out our Help Center Article here for more information on how to troubleshoot poor audio quality.

I have tried to upload the before and after videos but it will not accept mp4 videos. Please send me an email address that I can send these videos to.

@Kali1 If you can compress the MP4 file into a ZIP file, you can attach the ZIP file here! In addition, you can upload the video to another video sharing platform, like Youtube, to see if you can share the video through a URL here! If you still cannot accomplish this, please email with the video and a link to this thread, and we can attach a reply of this video for you. :slight_smile:

@Kali1 Thank you for emailing me those videos! Here are the attachments of these videos here, so other people looking in this thread can reference what we are talking about. I will have this looked into by my advanced support team and be back to you before the end of the day. :slight_smile:

Here’s the after! Had to cut it down a little as the file was too large, but also for reference.

Hey @Kali1. I was able to hear back from my team with some best next steps for us to take. We are going to see if resetting this device and setting it up again helps at all. On the device itself, please locate the setup button and press and hold this button for 20 seconds. After this time has passed, go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Spotlight Cam > Device Health > Change or Reconnect Wifi Network. From here, it will take you through another setup of the device. Once the setup is complete, allow the device a few minutes to finish the firmware installation again.

After this has been done, let’s test it out! It may sounds silly, but if you could go out to the device and create a motion event by walking up to it, waving your hand in front of it, what have you. Once you see the blue LED light turn on to show it is on and recording, you should then get an alert on your phone. Don’t answer the alert, but instead talk to your camera, as if there was person you would want to hear on the other side. This will help gauge what the audio is like now. From there, go into your event history, download that video, and please email it over to me! I will reply to the email you sent us recently from my email address, so that way it is at the top of your inbox to reply to me too. Hope to hear back from you soon, neighbor. :slight_smile:

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Just wandering what the outcome was? I have exactly the same issue with my spotlight cam. I have 3 in total but this one has started having the audio issue, exactly the same as the videos provided here