Spotlight camera hardwired not connecting to Wi-Fi

I have my camera hardwired and it Was connected to the Wi-Fi just fine and all Of a sudden it doesn’t connect. I have removed the device and added It back on and also Added an extender and connected It there. The connection signal is green and says It strong but won’t connect . Now what !?

Hi @Pspatel. Are you saying the cam will not connect to WiFi or connect to Live View. If the connection is “green”, it should be connected to WiFi. Are you seeing any lights on the Spotlight Cam? Specifically on the bubble. Thanks, neighbor.


My hard ring camera stopped connecting to WiFi after two months. I have a WiFi extender and tried rebooting the camera but it’s still not working. I had electricians come take a look, they said with battery it works but not with the WiFi. How do I fix this?

Hi @user76037. What is the specific error you are receiving? Can you share a screenshot? What specific Ring device do you have? We’d love to assist you with a bit more information.