Spotlight camera can not be selected to be added to a room in SmartThings hub

I have an room designated as Outdoor room. My doorbell shows up as well as my floodlight, but not the spotlight camera. When I attempt to add device, it is in the list of ring devices, but it will not be added as a device. The room devices only show the doorbell and floodlight. Any ideas why I cannot add this spotlight device?

The issue appears to be with SmartThings app, it will not add the Spotlight camera as a device even though it is the list of supported devices. After I select it it attempts to add but the device list remains unchanged only showing the doorbell and floodlight. Is there a fix for SmartThings app sense it appears to be the problem?

Hey @Jay3100. Do you have a Spotlight Cam Battery? The Spotlight Cam Mount/Wired are the only two ones that can be added to the Smart Things hub at this time, as they are the only ones on the life of supported devices here. Hope this helps clear this up for you! :slight_smile:

I have the Spotlight Cam Wired. Smartthings just does not recognize it. Suggested fix?

@Jay3100 Since you have a Spotlight Cam Wired and it’s not showing up in the SmartThings app, you can try removing the Ring devices already on there if any, and try to re-sync them. Ensure you can still see the devices in your Ring app and you are the owner, with the same email address as SmartThings. If you have done all of this, can see the device still in the Ring app, please reach out to SmartThings support to see if they can help further with this! :slight_smile: