Spotlight Cam

I have the spotlight cam over my garage and have a chime pro to help with signal issues to the unit. Has Ring updated/upgrade this unit so we don’t have encounter issues of such. I can’t just move my modem to get a better signal. It still will be walls and doors that causes this unit not to work in its capacity. I’m starting to HATE RING products

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Sorry to hear about this experience @Rena1031! You’ve definitely taken the best steps to extend signal to your Cam. It sounds like there are some walls and distance causing interference in signal here. Sometimes adjusting the placement of the Chime Pro can help, as well as moving appliances, furniture, or electronics that might be interfering with signal along the way. Considering the line of sight for wifi signal will help with avoiding blockers.

While your modem cannot be moved, another potential solution is adding a standalone router and putting your modem in bridge mode to that access point, or using a longer Ethernet to extend reach of the router. I recommend also checking the type of router you have, as an older router model might not perform as well as an updated model. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: