Spotlight cam

The security light comes on every 3-5 mins. Stays on for a few seconds(2 to 3) and goes off. No motion recordings, so it is not the camera or camera settings. The motion works perfect. How do i know?. I have another security camera that is permanently recording and also has motion alert, which is activated by the light coming on and off all night. Its been doing this for several days now. Can anyone help

Hi @Djdaz116! The motion for your Spotlight Cam lights and to activate the Camera can be controlled in unison and separately. For instance, in the motion settings in your Ring app you’ll see the option for a duration to stay on when motion zones are activated.

There is an additional option in the Ring app for “light settings”, under “device settings”. This will allow you to control the zones and sensitivity of the lights themselves. As there are no recordings with these lights going off, please also check the surrounding area for any movement, reflection, or heat signatures that might be triggering them. Keep in mind, your lights have a 270 degree field of view for triggering, compared to camera activating motion which is 140 degrees. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: