Spotlight Cam

Battery indicator locked in at 7% with fresh battery. Tried multiple batteries with the same results. Ring sent me a new battery, fully charged it, and same results. Still showing 7% battery life with a fully charged battery.

Hi @DennyE! After fully charging your battery and inserting it into the Camera, please allow some time for the Camera to update it’s battery percentage. This will depend on wifi signal strength. Triggering a motion on this Camera should cause your Ring app to update this information. If this still does not update, please confirm your Spotlight Cam is online by attempting a live view from the app.

Thanks for the response. Tried everything you mentioned and still can’t get the left battery port to give me a reading. Constant 7% with multiple fully charged batteries. Ring support even sent me a new battery with the same results. Thinking the unit is faulty and will pursue that avenue shortly.