Spotlight Cam Won't Reset

I have a spotlight cam that is detecting motion as indicated by activity history, but will only tell me that the motion hasn’t recorded correctly.
Trying to work my way through troubleshooting as listed elsewhere, and would like to try resetting it. Pressing and holding the reset button does absolutely nothing. (No flashing light, no nothing.)
I’ve pulled the batteries, changed the batteries, etc. etc. and can not get this thing to reset. Device health offers no clues.
(FWIW I am nearly certain the original problem I’m trying to solve is NOT NOT NOT a WiFi issue, since all my other cams are fine, and nothing has changed with my WiFi or the location of the router.)
How do I reset this camera, please?

Hi @operaflute. First, try rebooting the Camera using the Ring app to see if it helps. If it doesn’t, then a factory reset would be the next best step. Make sure you are pressing and holding the setup button for 20–25 seconds, then it will flash its bottom light for a few seconds, and once it is done, reconnect it to your wifi. If your Camera is not flashing any lights, indicating a reset has taken place, reach out to our support team for further assistance.

Yeah, was trying reset because reboot doesn’t seem to work. Yes, I am holding the button down correctly, but no flashing lights ever. (The camera IS recording, BTW, since I can see that events are happening. I just can’t actually use live view or review the recorded events.)
I guess I’ll try calling support, but it seems like if there was a fix, someone here would know it? (If I call, I’ll report back here, I guess.)
Unrelated: I keep trying to get email notification of these threads, and although the settings seem correct, they never come. Not in my spam filter, either. Suggestions here?

I did indeed call support, and was pleasantly surprised. It was fairly quick to speak to a real person (rare!), and the validation process via the app was useful. (I thought I was going to have to verify via my husband’s credentials since he set up the account, and I simply don’t have that info at the tip of my fingers. Having to do so would have added yet one more level of frustration to the never ending round robin game of fixing devices that don’t work.)
She said the camera was indeed showing errors (I didn’t realize she’d be able to look at the camera from her end) and that she was sending me a replacement camera. (I didn’t realize the warranty was still good.)

So, though I won’t call the problem solved quite yet (successful new camera set up is still pending), I was proven wrong in my suspicion that calling support would be a waste of my time. It seems only fair to share that point.

Additional thoughts:
Had the old camera not been under warranty, I probably would not have replaced it, because I am rethinking my need for this system at all. (It has failed me the few times I really needed it.) I am curious what will happen to the old camera when I send it back. I hope, at least, parts will be recycled. I’m less and less willing to acquire devices at all, because the amount of e-waste on this planet is too much to bear. I don’t want to contribute to that problem any more.

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Hi @operaflute. I’m happy to hear that you had a pleasant customer service experience.

New camera works fine, but the new model has a different plug type for the solar panel, so… one problem solved, one new problem created. Hopefully customer service will rectify this as well.

Hi @operaflute. If your new camera has a USB C connection, this might be the adapter you are looking for.

Ring sent me an adapter, but it was the wrong one. So… another opportunity to wade through the customer service phone menu, which is admittedly getting tiresome.
(The adapter in the link in the prior message is correct; Ring sent exactly the opposite sort.)

Rec’d the correct adapter. Yay! Was relieved to finally close this out.

BUT! I had to call Ring AGAIN (4th time now), because (as confirmed by to rep) of of the prior reps inadvertently cancelled our Protect Plus plan. She did something - blah, blah, blah - with the end result being I have to call back in November (or was it December?) to reinstate the auto-renew after current trial runs out.
Point: my view of the customer service has flipped. I’m pretty sure I won’t be calling back whenever it is I’m supposed to call back. (As it stands the cameras catch every dog walker and car, but not once have they captured any of the crimes on the property, so why am I paying for this anyway?)