Spotlight cam won’t recognized charged batteries

I bought this last year. Was working no issues and then suddenly won’t recognized both batteries are fully charged or connect to the internet. I have taken the unit down & bought inside next to the router. Charged batteries countless times (until green light on) & no luck. Does RING respond to emails? Sorry guys but you don’t provide a good customer experience. My wired spotlight cam is fantastic but this one is rubbish. Less than a year old, what can I do to get resolved?

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Hi Kimbers74,

I am experiencing the exact same problem.

I believe there may be a fault in the spotlight camera it self.

As I have tested the batteiries and they are holding the correct charge.

I would like Ring to make contact with us and sort this out,

Of course a ring team member won’t respond to this. Let me save you some time. Reinsert the fully charged battery …press and hold the setup bottom for 20 seconds. If there is no response… then your battery terminal is damaged. The only resolutions: if you are under 1 year warranty they will replace it, if you pay for protection plan $10 per month… they will cover it, if you are out of warranty … they tell you to buy a new camera. Now you do the math 200 for spotlight cam and protection plan after 1 year is 320. Assuming nothing goes wrong you’re still paying 120 each year to have the warranty. Every 2 years of paying this warranty … you could have purchased a new camera and an additional battery. Is it worth it to you? Is a camera meant for outdoor surveillance that is not water repellant with even minimal water exposure Even worth $200?

Hey neighbors! We have been getting feedback on other neighbor’s Spotlight Cams not working as intended and not booting up for a fresh setup. At this time, if your Spotlight Camera will not reconnect or complete a setup, please attempt the following first:

  • Ensure both of your batteries are fully charged (if you have two), or has been charging for several hours.
  • Ensure there is no debris in the battery hatch and that the hatch is closed.
  • Press the setup button on the Cam and complete the setup in the Ring app.
  • If lights flash and setup is not completing in the app, please remove and reinstall the Ring app on your mobile device, disable VPN, and have your wifi router close to your Camera.
  • If lights do not indicate setup mode on the Spotlight Cam, or setup is not completing, perform a reset on the Camera by holding the setup button for 20 seconds.

If the above steps do not result in successful setup or operation, please reach out to our support team by phone for more in-depth assistance. They will be able to see if this fits the bill for what our support team is investigating to get this escalated further and work out the best next steps for your personal device and account! :slight_smile:

In addition, please know that if you have to reach out to our support team, it will need to be via phone. Due to the current times, our response to COVID-19 has limited our scope of support and we are not longer available via chat or email in most regions. You can learn more about our response to COVID-19 and how it has affected our teams here. Please note as well that we are a neighbor to neighbor support forum, and moderators are here Monday-Friday, so we may not be able to get to your messages during a weekend time frame. I apologize for this!

Unfortunately the support link just gets you here. There is no support…
My camera is doing the same thing. The reset doesn’t do anything. Reddit has entire threads on this exact problem…and the only solution seems to be ring replacement

Hey @Greskod. We have been offering replacements in this situation if the neighbor is still within warranty and troubleshooting with our support team fails. I apologize for the loop through out chat bot that you were getting, redirecting you back to the Community. Chat is no longer available at this time, so you will need to call in for support.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

That link again redirects to this community…not a support phone number…

Got it resolved. They are shipping a replacement.


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