Spotlight cam with a battery door open message - No support from Ring

As some others I have the battery door open error message in one of my spotlight cameras.

I’ve tried everything I’ve found in the net and, of course, the door is closed. All the functionalities seem to work but is annoying having that false message all the time.

I’ve tried to reach the support in my country (LU) without success and the chat support has not been very useful. If I phone to the support in USA, as suggested in the chat, I would be charged, what is not acceptable and there is no other way to get support from Ring about how to solve the issue or how to proceed for one exchange/return.

Any idea/suggestion will be welcome.


Hi @Cuto. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. If you haven’t, I’d recommend trying the worldwide support number +1 310 929 7085 as that often works for our neighbors outside the US. Your best bet is to get in touch with our support team since you’ve tried troubleshooting steps that you’ve found in other threads and it is still displaying this message.

Hi Caitlyn_Ring!

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve been trying to call the support number in Luxembourg during the last 3 days at different times and I only got a message saying that “something I do not understand” Ring is not available at this time.

I know that I can try the worldwide support number but in that case my phone call would be charged by my operator, what I do not find acceptable. It is not the money, just a question of “principles”.

I’ve not bought only this camera but another 3 cameras, a doorbell, and a full set of things for the alarm, including the subscription for the “Protection +”. (?)

I could (and I will) try to call to another Ring support numbers in Europe (Belgium, France, Spain) as I also speak FR and ES. Anyway the Ring support in Luxembourg (where there is a big Amazon basement) is null (not existing). What if I could not speak EN to discuss with you?

10 minutes ago, returning home, I opened again the battery door, take off the battery, reinstall it, and closed the door again… and the error message is always there.

The easiest would be (a part that the spotlight camera would work as expected) you to give the possibility to deactivate such a “nice functionality” for the camera in the app… as I know very well that the door is closed.


@Cuto I’ll pass your feedback along to the appropriate team regarding the Luxembourg support number not going through for you. It is possible there is something broken on the Spotlight Camera itself that is causing this message to appear despite troubleshooting, which is why our support team would be best equipped to help with the matter. Let me know what solution they’re able to offer once you follow up with them again.