Spotlight Cam Wired


I dont want to plug the cam in so can i remove the plug and hard wire it into a existing outside electrical source?

I have one of the security Cams and if i remember right you just wire that in without a plug

Please let me know

It’s ridiculous having a plug you can’t remove on an camera that’s going to be mounted outside. I have 3 outside cameras and I’ve cut the plug off on all 3 to pass the cable through a hole to inside the garage. I have no doubt it’ll invalidate any future warrenty but I had no other choice

Hi. Just read your post and wondered if you resolved this.
I have just spoken to ring to be told removing the plug will invalidate my warranty.
They sent me a video of how is should install the wired cam plugging into an outside socket meaning an intruder simply has to unplug it to avoid detection.
Absolutely crap idea if you ask me unless you core a 60mm hole through your wall and then seal it up. Sending mine back not fit for purpose. It’s an outdoor camera ffs.