Spotlight Cam (Wired) - Yellow Picture - Is this Normal?c

I’m thinking about switching out my TP-Link outdoor cams with the Ring, so I purchased a spotlight cam to try out. In comparing the picture quality between the two cameras, the Ring camera (Left picture) seems to have way too much yellow in it. The TP-Link camera (Right picture), which is a cheaper camera, seems to have a much more natural color. Just wondering if this is normal for the Ring cameras or is there something wrong with my camera?

I have 3 Ring cameras/doorbells and none of them show yellowing.
You might call Support ( and walk through any troubleshooting steps they might have. If it turns out the camera needs replacement they’d be able to tell you what warranty/replacement options you may have.

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Depending on the age of the camera you might not get the same quality shots as a newer one. But if your camera is more than a year old…RING wont replace it. Finding out more and more how low quality RING cams are. I have a 1.5 year cam that quit. RING cant help me. They sent me a coupon for 35% off to get a new one and pay them more money. Even though I have 2 other cameras work just fine. One that is almost 10 years old. They decided my yearly dues are worth sacrificing. Good luck.

Of course Ring has a 1 year warranty so why would they replace it after the devices fails after that?
You got a large discount for a replacement. Sounds like Ring is being generous.

Sounds like you like to get ripped off. See my other answers. Hey look…another RING camera just broke. SolarEclipse to the rescue…with another trivial answer…RING is generous! Hilarious!