Spotlight cam wired v spotlight cam mount?

Just ordered and had delivered a twin pack on the Spotlight cam wired to put up outside my house. I was slightly surprised when they arrived with a 3 pin plug attached which makes me think these are for garages etc.

Have I ordered the wrong cameras, should I have ordered the spotlight cam mount which appears to need wiring in my an electrician?

I already have a spotlight cam with twin lamps and that had to be fitted by an electrician as it had just wires coming out of the unit.


Hi @thedavegray. Depending on what type of installation you’re looking for and what your home environment is like, either the Spotlight Cam Wired or the Spotlight Cam Mount could be the right fit. The Spotlight Cam Wired does have the plug designed for a standard power outlet as you mentioned, while the Spotlight Cam Mount is hardwired into an outdoor electrical box. If you’re unsure if the Cams you ordered are the right fit for your home, you can review our return policy here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring
Thanks for your response.

If I wanted these (Spotlight Cam Wired) hard wired could I get an electrician to cut the plug off and wire to a junction box or would it be better to return (7 days old - new in box) and buy the Spotlight Cam Mount?

Are there any other differences and is the ones I have bought suitable for outdoors in the rain etc?


@thedavegray Cutting the wire or dismantling your device in any way can void the warranty, so we do not recommending doing this. The operating conditions for both Cameras can be found on the product pages I shared above. The Spotlight Cam Wired has operating conditions of -22°F to 120°F (-30°C to 48.5°C), and the Spotlight Cam Mount has operating conditions of -20°F to 120°F (-28°C to 48°C). Both are weather-resistant.