Spotlight Cam wired questions

I have a VD3+ battery, and in all honesty am a little disappointed in battery life. I subscribe to protect basic.

So I’m thinking of getting a Spotlight can wired as was going to fit a floodlight as well.

How good is the floodlight on these? I don’t want the floodlight cam by the way. Good enough to light up a small garden?

Can you get the floodlight to just come on when detects motion during certain hours? I’d like this for during night when out an about, with it being wired I wouldn’t mind it being on more.

With it being wired I presume it’s just as easy to keep it recording all the time, maybe snooze if your in the garden a lot, is this what most do?

As I’ll keep the VD3+ still should I subscribe to protect plus, and then get the 10% off before buying the cam? Or does it take a while to activate. I’d have to go protect plus with 2 devices, is pretty steep at £80/year though have to say.

Did it come with just a lead coming out of the camera with a UK plug on? The way I would install would be through the wall to a inside plug. Would I then need the extra hardware kit? Or could I just cut the lead, and make a junction box?

Not sure how long the lead is on UK version? Can you remove the wiring from the camera so I could push it through and leave the wall plug inside and then reattach the wiring to the camera outside?


Hi @L1111. For both the Spotlight Cam and the Floodlight, you can setup a Light Schedule. You can learn about Light Schedules in this Help Center article here. My Floodlight is quite bright and lights up an area that covers two SUVs quite easily.

Yes, all of our cams have the ability to be Snoozed if you are going to be working in the area where it is located. The Spotlight Cam Wired comes with a standard plug for an outlet and the Mount Kit would make it so the Spotlight Cam Wired can connect to a junction box. The wiring on the Spotlight Cam is not removable, so if you were going to feed this through a hole, it would have to be the size of the plug at the end of the wire. I hope this information helps!

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So how do you connect the mount kit please? The spotlight wired has a plug on one end and goes into the camera on the other end.

Hi @L1111. Instructions on how to install the Hardwire Kit can be found here. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Tom_Ring I’ve read that. It doesn’t state that you should cut the cable though as the wired spotlight has a plug on the end.

So can I cut the plug off to attach the camera wire to the hardwire kit? Or how please, the instructions are not clear.

@L1111, By installing the Hardwire Kit for the Spotlight Cam, you will no longer need the wall outlet plug. As you can see in the pictures, this does require cutting the wires and using wire nuts to connect them. If this is something you are unfamiliar with, a qualified electrician can certainly handle this for you.

Ah ok so cutting the plug off is allowed then and the camera will still be in warranty.

It’s not explained at all well, and nothing in the instructions states that, all it says to connect the wires but nothing about cutting the plug off to access the wires. This was my question, so happy you can do this and still be in warranty thanks.

Hi @L1111, I’m happy to chime in and clarify things here. You will not be in warranty still if you cut the plug or cord from your Spotlight Cam Wired. I apologize if there was any miscommunication, but you can read all of the warranty information here. Dismantling your device in any way, such as cutting the plug or cord, will void the warranty so we do not suggest doing this if you are wanting to retain that warranty.