Spotlight cam wired plus motion zones don't work

I’ve just upgraded from a stickup cam battery to a wired spotlight cam plus but motion zones simply do not work on the spotlight cam.
It picks up every movement inside and outside the motion zone and nothing I’ve tried in terms of settings or motion zone design makes this work.
On the stickup cam, it worked perfectly where I only got notifications and recordings from movement within the motion zone.
I called support and they just keep advising me to delete the motion zones I’ve created and use the default zone. This doesn’t fix it.
Come on Ring, sort this out!

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Hi @SamPaul. How high is your Spotlight Cam Wired Plus mounted? This is a key component to how your device detects motion. Additionally, you can try multiple, smaller motion zones instead of a larger zone. If you’d like, share a screenshot of your settings or a video of an event so we can help provide feedback.

It’s mounted above my garage door at the same height as the previous stickup cam and pointing in the same location at my drive. Height is around 6.5 -7ft up.
The screenshot shows the view from the camera with the default motion zone set, but we get motion alerts from all across the image … People walking on the other side of the road, cars driving past on the road etc.
The previous stickup cam had a similar motion zone set and worked fine.

Hi @SamPaul. Is the Spotlight Cam parallel to the ground, or is it angled downwards sharply? With that installation height, I’d imagine you did not have to angle it much, but some neighbors do angle the Spotlight Cam sharply, which negatively impacts the motion detection. I’d suggest trying a reboot first, then monitoring the Camera.

The next step, if this issue persists, would be to complete a full reset by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. After the reset is complete, walk through a new setup in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device. Should these steps not resolve this concern, please follow up with our support team for more in-depth assistance.

Hi, back again.
This still isn’t working at all despite doing a full reset, re setting up, changing the camera position, changing the motion zones and all settings multiple times too.

The other ring cameras I have with this feature work fine, so how do I get this resolved on this camera please?

An example from today and this happens all day, every day, when it picks up and alerts to motion outside the motion zone.

Motion zone setting

Motion alerts way outside the zone

@SamPaul Since you’re still experiencing this issue after performing the troubleshooting steps listed, you’ll need to reach out to our support team for further assistance. We’re limited to general troubleshooting guidance on the Community, as we are a public forum and don’t have access to device or account details. Our support team can take a deeper dive into this concern with you.