Spotlight Cam (wired) - Half image is faded

Two days ago the image on one of my spotlight cams started showing an image where the right half is faded like a picture that has been over exposed. I check the recordings and it was fine the night before. I have another spotlight cam that appears to be fine and I have two floodlight cameras that are also fine. Just this one has the issue.
Has anyone else had this happen? Anyone been able to resolve the issue if you have?

Tht picture looks like the IR cut filter is stuck half-way engaged. The IR cut filter improves night vision. You might be able to tap the camera to free the filter (works sometimes), or the camera might need to be replaced.

Just realised i now have the same problem, 2 weeks out of warranty. Thats the end of Ring products for me

I started having this problem with a Floodlight camera about 2 weeks ago to.

Tried tapping to move the IR filter. It moved to filtering the whole limage now. Don’t know what is better or worse.

Had a frustrating call with support yesterday, but will try again now with this information.

Im trying to claim under the extended warranty you have with Subscription Plus, lets see how we go

I had this problem and as suggested in one of above replies, tapping on my floodlight did the trick!!

I hope it 'll work at night…

Anyway, thanks!

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