Spotlight Cam (wired) - Disable Lights

I have both of my spotlight cams set to NOT let lights turn on via the schedule.

They turn on constantly all night long :frowning: Oddly, this isn’t when there is a motion event, they are usually off then - they turn off and on without any motion alerts happening.

I have seen other posts about the “zone” being different for the camera and lights. I cannot find any setting other than the camera zone.

Anyone know how to turn the lights off for good short of physically covering them up?


No replies so I went into the app settings again and found the lights zone. I had already set the lights to be off via “Device Schedules” -->“Light Schedules”.

I missed this when browsing through the settings before: “Devices” → Camera in question → “Device Settings” → “Light Settings”.

There is a “Motion-Activated Lights” setting that was still on even though I had disabled them as stated above. “Motion Zones for Lights” is also there until you disable the lights by toggling the “Motion-Activated Lights” switch.

Fingers crossed this in fact stops them from coming on.

Crossing fingers didn’t work.

However, I did stumble across the problem. First, I was wrong when I said both cameras where doing the same thing - turns out it was only camera 2.

I don’t remember ever setting this, but camera 1 was set to turn on the light of the camera 2 when it detected motion. Disabled that setting and the light now stays off according to schedule or by toggling “Motion-Activated Lights” to off.

I find it odd that a light control setting for camera 1 totally overrides any light setting for camera 2 :frowning: Seems like a message should pop up when trying to turn the lights off in this situation.

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