Spotlight Cam Wired - At night, motion triggers light but no video recording

I recently installed a wired spotlight camera. During the day, it works perfectly. However, at night, there are problems. By reviewing my Arlo cameras, I can tell that there is motion and that the spotlight camera’s light is triggered. However, the spotlight camera never starts recording. Are there two separate motion sensors - one for light and one for recording? If so, why does one not trigger the other? Why would one pick up movement and not the other?

Hi @sujag1998. You are correct. There is a motion sensor for the lights and a separate motion sensor for the camera. The field of view for the lights is greater than the field of view for the camera, so it is possible to have the lights turn on without a recording. This Help Center article here has more information about the lights on your Spotlight Cam. I hope this helps!