Spotlight Cam Wired - always on

I have “Spotlight Cam Wired” which is literally always on after dusk. I have all the settings dialled back as much as is possible and yet it comes on if a fly sneezes near it. I have sat in my car on the street and watched it come on for zero reasons.

I just disabled all motion detection to see if that helps, but it’s the same. In fact as I’m typing I had to switch it off via the web portal.

Settings I have changed
Motion detection - off
Motion warning - off
Motion zone - tiny, in fact its just in front of the door.

I will attach some screenshots. Ah looks like I can’t, so here is a link
to a OneDrive folder with a handful of pics in it.!AHjGGbdr9c5pO8Q&id=741F03E7BF7A5C1F!399684&cid=741F03E7BF7A5C1F

As you can see my front door is near the road, but I have the motion zone defined as a tiny little area.

My neighbour tells me the light is on pretty much all night. argh!!!

Can anyone advise please?


I noticed on my Floodlight, the light turns on w/ no motion either. My Floodlight Pro Wired has “Motion Zones for Lights” and “Light Sensitivity” under Settings > Device Settings > Light Settings, but I noticed the Spotlight Cam Pro/Plus Wired does not have these settings for some reason.

Perhaps your only option (barring Ring actually fixing something for once), is to lower your light brightness under the Light Settings, or turning off Motion Activated Lights altogether, which might defeat the entire purpose of the Spotlight Cam (could’ve just bought a stick up cam at that point).

I started a post several years ago that they have now closed. RING changed their Firmware in October of 2021? and have yet to fix this issue. There are 172 replies to my original post all around the world with the same issue. Headlights from passing cars will trigger the lights to come on but me pulling into my driveway, will not. Seems they do not intend to ever come up with a resolution and I’m tired of the nonsense. Time to switch out my floodlight cam and find a new brand that actually does what it’s supposed to do. Return it while you can and switch to a new system.

Hi neighbors, the lights on your Spotlight Cam Wired or Floodlight Cam Pro should not remain on at all times. If your Camera is frequently activating the lights, but they turn off after, this is likely due to something in the motion detection range triggering the lights. You can learn more about how to control the lights here.

In addition to adjusting the light settings, there are a few other things you can try

  • Check if you have a Light Schedule set for this time frame, and turn it off if you do.
  • Turn off the “Motion Activated Lights” option, then perform a reboot.

If this issue persists after checking the above, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can investigate further. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.