Spotlight cam video quality

I have installed a spotlight cam on my shed and the video quality is so bad that I can’t read the license plate of a car that’s parked 10-12 feet away from the cam. I’ve gone through the wifi tuning and speed tests and everything seems to be ok (my RSSI is on the higher end -65). The camera itself is mounted 6 feet from the ground.

Is this the video quality I should expect? Herei s a sample video for reference

Hi @Farzad. Thanks for sharing the video. With an RSSI of -65, it is not abnormal to experience a degradation in video quality. Since relocating your router or camera probably isn’t feasible, I’d suggest a Chime Pro. The Chime Pro serves as a wifi extender specific to Ring Devices and can also provides audible alerts. This should bring your RSSI to a more usable range and give a noticeable increase in video quality. I hope this helps!