spotlight cam v2 coming?

I am looking at getting about 4 or 5 spotlight cameras for my house. I realized the current model has been out since July 2017 which is quite old for an electronic device. Has anyone heard plans for the next generation of the camera? I would hate to buy the current version when a new one will come out soon that could have a quicker processor or better camera or some other cool feature that the current model is missing.

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Hey @jim0056! We are always working to bring new devices and features to your ‘Ring of security’. Our devices are designed to be reliable and stay up to date in software, including the Spotlight Cams. Keep an eye out for any upcoming releases at I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The Floodlight, Pro and Elite models are older. All will have been gradually changed since release. The Pro for example has at least 4 iterations. So you may be waiting a while for a generational update of the Spotlight cam. Unfortunately you won’t get any heads-up about such a new model until Ring want to issue a statement.