Spotlight Cam, use without lights? (and other questions)

Can you use the spotlight cam without the lights, and would it then use night vision?

Reason being is where the camera would be there is a lamppost/street light outside so it doesn’t need to light via the camera spotlight.

How high can it be mounted? The house is a tall one which already has a Ring doorbell on. So it’s wanting to be mounted high up to tilt down so to be able to see where the doorbell can’t. Not sure on max tilt, it would need to be almost pointing direct to the ground.

Can it record 24/7 or motion only? As it’s another reason wanting another camera, as it’s a battery VD.

The Spotlight Camera will trigger lights whenever it detects motion and it is dark outside. A nearby light can help with video and night vision adjustment, but this will depend on the brightness of the lighting in the area. There is a manual lights toggle in the Ring app that can be used to turn the lights off on command. Check out our Help Center article about controlling these lights for more tips! :slight_smile:

As for installation height, we recommend mounting around 9 feet high.

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