Spotlight Cam - Two Batteries and a Solar Panel Issues

Hello! I have a Spotlight Cam that I purchased about a year ago. I also purchased an additional batteries (for a total of two) and a solar panel. For the first few months (and the first winter), everything worked perfectly with a very rare need to charge the batteries. Now, I’m finding the batteries are draining very quickly - in fact, I need to charge both batteries AGAIN after I charged them a month ago. In addition to charging my batteries last month, I also turned the Snapshot Capture off and changed the motion frequency on “minimal setting”. At this point, I’m not sure what to do - I’m short and the Spotlight Cam is in a weird place to allow the solar panel to get light - so getting up there is fairly dangerous and not something I constantly want to do. But I’ve also already minimized all of the settings, to the point where soon the camera will be pointless. I’ve cleaned the Solar Panel, and I live in Atlanta where the temperatures have been fairly mild (so I don’t think temp or dirt are issues)… Any thoughts?