Spotlight cam triggered

Spotlight cam is constantly triggered and goes off when cars with headlights shine at it. Not even close to my zone either. Is becoming a sleep issue. Any fixes.

Good question @Lilray777! The motion detection for lights covers a 270 degree field of view with a 140 degree range of detection. There are times where something outside of the zone might trigger the lights. If this is happening too often, we recommend adjusting your light zones to the smallest area/ sensitivity, through your Cam’s “Device Settings” in the Ring app. Let us know if this helps! :slight_smile:

I have this same issue with both my new Floodlight cam and Pro Doorbell. It’s been an issue since day one. I have the sensitivity turned to people only on both devices yet headlights across the street still set them off. Its worse on a rainy day when reflections are bad. It seems somewhat common. My neighbors directly across the street keep late hours and always set it off. They are WAY outside all zones and I can’t set sensitivy any lower on either device. Headlights are just an issue for some reason.

Hey @KAJ ! In addition to decreasing sensitivity and zones, sometimes physically angling your Cam left or right can help to avoid areas that might commonly trigger motion. Let us know if this works!