Spotlight Cam - Sometimes doesn’t alert & record

Seems that (battery) Spotlight Cam (randomly) does not pick-up person motion that’s close to door. Batteries fully charged & wifi connection fine. Not sure if it’s due to changing connections between device “Data” & home network Wifi? Any input would be appreciated:)


Hi @Lethio. What is the RSSI for this device? The RSSI will contribute to how well the camera can consistently record motion. Try testing this on wifi only and cellular data only to see if one works better than the other. If your wifi only test seems to not be up to standard, try rebooting your internet router and then testing again. This should cause an improvement.

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Indeed RSSI is very important. Ignore the negative sign and the lower the value the better. Shoot for like 45 or lower.

Also, is this at night or day? If at night, any sort of extra lighting helps to trigger motion earlier.

Finally, if you can position the camera to catch motion aross the field of the camera rather than coming right at it, that also helps too.

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