Spotlight Cam Solar - Dual Batteries

I have a spotlight cam Solar with two batteries installed and a solar panel attached. Both battery icons have the little Sun. But one battery steadily is dropping charge while the other stays at 100%. So is the solar panel keeping both batteries charged or does it only work for one battery slot?

We have the same issue, but our batteries do not show the sun icon. One battery is now nearly fully drained and the camera is chirping, even with a 100% charge second battery. We did this to avoid having to use a ladder frequently. So confusing

That does seem odd…
But customer service is far from helpful.

It may seem obvious but I learned about my solar panel the hard way. You have to push the solar cord plug HARD into the back of the camera, you will hear a “click” when it is properly engaged.

Also, solar charging improved dramatically on my camera when I removed the 2nd battery. Go figure, shouldn’t be that way IMHO.