Spotlight Cam Solar and night vision

Hello, first post.
I am a brand new Ring user and will say up front we know nothing about these things. This is only the third night after installation. We’ve had a few attempted break Ins in the past 18 months. Our security alarms scared them off but we finally decided to get cameras per advice of our sheriffs department. The lay of our home and property just has too many bad places.
We had the cameras installed and set up by our security company. The cams work but I’m not satisfied with the outdoor spotlight cams. We’re using solar on a couple because no power available. And I’m a heart/lung patient that can’t be crawling up and down a ladder to change/charge batteries. So solar was recommended by our Security team.

Ok to get to the point and I’m going to attempt posting a few pics, the little inside Stickup cams work great. We have two downstairs in two separate large rooms in the basement. You can see in the pic the night vision is great. These pics came from way late in the night and it’s absolutely pitch black dark down there. Zero lighting unless I’m down there. Not even any little leds on anything. Totally happy with these.

You can see in one pic a Spotlight cams outside. We have one long wall with a doorway and two windows at the basement. That is the area of concern with one of them. They placed that camera and panel in a tree just across the drive. It catches that entire wall and a lot more great in the daytime. However at night you wouldn’t be able to see hardly anything at The door or windows. With spotlight both on and off there’s hardly any night vision at all.

The other outside Spotlight cam is watching an extra car shelter that has not only my truck but our Kubota side by side and a lot of outdoor equipment. It and the panel is mounted at the corner of the house pointed that way. Again great daytime but the night time is about useless as the other one.

I’ve read some complaints about the Spotlight Solars and ir night vision.

I’ve said already I don’t know much about these things. But I’m a retired engineer by trade and don’t think I’m a total dummy.

What I have to wonder is. Are these two cameras just trying to cover too much area? Or are they just not the ones needed for this application?

I realize of course they can’t ‘light up’ the entire areas in the pics/videos. But should they be doing a better job closer in??

It’s really pointless to have them if we can’t see and video usable imaging at night.

Btw these particular cameras were recommended by our Security Co.

Of course we really like the broad daylight views. But we’re hit at night.

Hopefully the images will attach and thank you in advance for any input.

Inside Stickup

Daytime pic. Same cam.

Hi there, @Arkar! Thank you very much for including these image examples. You made some great observations about night vision here, that might help with your Spotlight Camera. In the Stick Up Camera image there are many objects in the area, and close by, allowing night vision to be effective. In the first image of night vision with your Spotlight Camera, it looks like the nearby branches that hang into the field of view are within an area of night vision adjustment, whereas the further structure is a darker background. Check out our help center article about night vision and color night vision for more tips.

I recommend testing out a scenario at night when a vehicle is pulling in, or when a person is in the grass area of the entry way, to see if night vision adjusts appropriately to the distance. Testing this at different distances can help confirm if mounting must be altered, moved entirely, or not at all. To your question about having enough coverage for an area, it should be, but adding another Camera to cover larger areas around your home is always good for optimal coverage. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hello Marley and thanks for the response.
Actually I’ve already been sort of testing. Really just being in Live View when I know something is happening. For example my wife drives in and past that exact camera at night. Of course I can see it’s a car. Her car. And memory correct I believe there’s a dash of color when the little Spotlight comes on after Motion is triggered.
However. I’ve watched as someone walks the trail down that wall towards the basement door. Motion activates the camera. I believe the spotlight is on as it should be but being that far away it’s just a very dark blurry grayscalish imaging.
I have contacted the guys at our security company and made some suggestions. I hope I’m thinking straight. They are coming back to install another solar Spotlight cam on a large two level deck that has an entryway into the house.
Please tell me if I’m thinking wrong.
I suggested turning this particular camera more direct to the window on the right and also downward. I noticed the ir in the limbs as well. I’m thinking this would better light that window and area and at the same time keep all the daytime coverage.
Move the spotlight that points to the garage and put it on the wall you see that plunges inward. You can see an AC unit there. Tune that camera to more directly pick up the door and other window. I believe that much closer in it should totally illuminate that area turn it slightly right so that secondary wall with the door and other window are the main focus. Anything else in daytime would just be a bonus.

Now. Replace the spotlight we took from the garage area and replace it with a floodlight. But also tune it more downward and to the face of that garage. With better aim and more light surely it would greatly improve that one?

I mentioned another was scheduled. Knowing what I know now I believe there won’t be an issue because it will be mounted on the wall beside the first flight of steps and be aimed at the deck door and a couple of windows. Again I know there will be more area in the daytime. I consider that a bonus. But more importantly the spotlight cam will only be about 8-10’ from the wall with door and windows and the entire deck and steps below. Should be pretty bright. Right?

If I’m way off base please correct me. We will actually be adding one floodlight cam to the package but in my mind everything should click pretty reasonable?

I’ve studied and researched a lot of material. 44 years of engineering will do that to ya. Lol.

Please tell me if I’m thinking and understanding correct. I’ve already contacted them and gave my opinion and will be getting them back out very soon.

And for the record. These are top notch guys. The main installation guy had doubts about the one showing the dark pic outside. In the tree.

They were trying to get what I wanted at as low a price as they could. And as much as I appreciate that I want it right. There was also a lot of other security improvements that day. We’ve needed updated quite awhile. So this is absolutely no bad reflection on them.

I’ll be awaiting a response. I may be totally off in left field. If so please correct me

Thank you

Here is a day pic from the garage Spotlight I want to move to help in first location at basement. And then replace this spotlight with a Floodlight cam better aimed to front of garage and lower. More light better aim should help?

This is current imaging with current Spotlight aimed as such. Btw the light on the right is a security light at front of our well house.

I’m curious. There was a message here saying something like We see you’re enjoying etc etc etc … but then said I had not created an account?? Btw the message disappeared when I logged in. But why am I getting this ? It also pops up something similar on the app. I created a Ring account with cc number and everything, that will start being billed immediately after the 30day free period, on the very first day of the installation. Is there something else I’m suppose to do??

Of course, @Arkar. We’re always happy to help! The image example of the area looking to be covered is very helpful, and I agree that it is also a very dark area. A Camera with lights, such as the Floodlight Camera, is a great solution for an environment like this. Keep in mind, the lights on a Floodlight Camera or Spotlight Camera can be triggered separately from the Camera lens recording, as well as at the same time. While lights and camera recording will usually occur at the same time, it is important to note that the motion detection that will trigger a recording on your Camera will detect motion up to 30 feet in distance, whereas the Camera’s lights have a much bigger field of view for triggering just the lights.

As I like to always provide neighbors with all options possible to them, I recommend checking our Smart Lighting devices as well. We’ve seen neighbors combine the use of Smart Lights and Cameras to illuminate and cover hard to reach places. Ring Smart Lighting devices and Cameras can also be linked or grouped together in the Ring app so that lights are triggered by one another.

Otherwise, your thought process and understanding of Ring devices and best coverage is excellent! I think you are covering all the best steps to really obtain an effective ‘Ring of security’. I’d invite you to browse and this Community, as it can help greatly to see what other options are available, and what other neighbors have accomplished in similar scenarios.

In regards to the account and sign up message you are receiving, this should not happen on the Ring app, as long as you are logged in under the owner account and viewing the location with your Ring devices. When it comes to and the Community, these platforms will require sign in, or authentication , upon each visit. When seeing the sign up recommendation on Ring or Community pages, check also for the login/ sign in option. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the response. I’ll go forward with what I mentioned and will consider more of the Ring lighting as may be needed once we see how this does.
Appreciate the info on different distance motioning for the light and cam. I was unaware of that.
Thanks again.

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