Spotlight Cam Siren Volume

When I first tested the volume on my spotlight cam, it was over 100 dB. It was as loud as my Ring alarm volume. Soon after, when I re-tested my Spotlight cam siren, it sounded dramatically softer (I tested it around 70 dB). Owners of Spotlight cams may not realize the dB difference, unless they knew it was louder before they bought the cam. So, I called support. At first, it was thought the problem was the Spotlight cam, so it was replaced twice. Later, I was told that the updated firmware throttled down the siren volume to avoid any liability in harming someone’s hearing. Why should I worry about hurting a criminal’s hearing, if they are stealing or harming my property? After calling Ring support, I was told “twice” that they would make my Spotlight cam’s firmware retroactive, so the siren volume would be restored to over 100 dB. This has not happened. Can I have my siren volume back to over 100 dB like my Ring alarm siren volume? I wish Ring would either make my siren volume louder or add a feature that would allow me to adjust the siren volume myself.


I just set up my ring floodlight and also thought the siren was pathetic. I live in a neighborhood where the properties are all over 10 acres, my neighbors wouldn’t even hear this siren over a moderate wind with the trees rustling…and if they are indoors they probably wouldn’t hear it on a calm and quiet day…and it certainly wont be scaring away any nefarious people…they would likely just chuckle and continue what they came here for.

Unless I can find a way to increase the siren volume, it is completely useless for me. It’s a joke as it stands now, I listen to music louder than that!


Having the same problem here. The audio on the two-way talk feature is choppy at best, so yelling at a porch pirate won’t work. I’d like to atleast use the siren to scare them off, but the volume of the siren on the spotlight camera is so soft they probably won’t even hear it. Begining to regret going with Ring instead of Nest. Hoping Ring takes customer feedback seriously so I don’t have to swith to Nest.


Yep, I didnt even mention the choppy audio issue above. I have that too.

I’m going to try keeping my phone on the 5 frequency rather than the 2.4 from my router to see if that clears anything up. I know it wont help the siren but it may help other issues like the two way sound. These devices only work on 2.4 but most modern routers have 2.4 and 5. 5 is shorter range but if it separates any conflicting wifi signals/devices it may help.

I’ll report back if I notice anything.

Meanwhile…the siren is an embarrasing joke. Like a child’s toy sound.


Considering they’re still advertising it as a 110 db siren, someone needs to get this figured out.

I’m sensing a class-action for false advertising…


I totally siren on the flood light is pathetic, I bought these camera for this specific reason but kids toys make more sound than this security siren ?

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Agreed. I just purchased my ring spotlight and tested the siren. Couldn’t hear it. Muted the TV. Still nothing. Had to walk over to the window next to it to even hear how pathetic it was.

Can the siren only be activated manually? I can’t find a setting anywhere that would activate it from motion. I’d love to have it set to go off once armed if it detects motion. I live on 20 acres so anyone setting it off is likely unwelcome or an animal.

Hi @Crafty42! Your Floodlight Cam siren should certainly be loud enough to hear within reasonable distance. The siren is only able to be triggered manually via the Siren toggle in the Ring app.

Completely agree!! When I installed my floodlight cam 2 years ago I remember the siren being so loud that it scared me even when I knowingly set it off. Now, it might be heard by someone walking by the house. Way too quiet!! C’mon Ring, if you need to make the default more quiet that is fine, but give us a volume control slider or a “turbo” switch for the volume this thing is capable of!!

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Totally agree!!! It’s BS!


So when is there going to be a volume control for the speakers. I am a new customer, installed 2 stick up cameras and a ring doorbell and the panic alarm and speaker volume is EMBARRASSING!!! There has to be something that can be done.

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Same problem, I don’t hear the siren from the other room, think about my neighbours who are 100 meters away. Except that, it is not possible to set the siren when movement is detected. I wanted to get the entire alarm set but at this point …

100% agree!

I just installed 2 elite PoE cameras on my home for that added security and to keep an eye on the kids when they are outside playing. The videos on your website showed people activating a LOUD siren and yelling at intruders through their camera. I was like wow this is awesome, I’m sold. So I bought the ring security system and 2 cameras. After setting everything up, my wife tried to talk to me through the camera and I could barely hear her. Then I said to activate the siren and it was pathetic nothing like was advertised in the videos. The camera quality is excellent, but Ring really need to do something about the volume on the camera’s. This will not be startling or getting the attention of any intruders, it also makes your product look cheap and laughable! For $200 per camera I feel like I was scammed!

RING, FIX YOUR CAMERA VOLUME! At least you should add a volume slider in the settings with a disclaimer that warns about hearing damage. I am really reconsidering my purchase. Please respond.

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Hey neighbors! We appreciate your feedback, but at this time there is not an option to manually toggle the volume of the Spotlight Cam’s siren to be any louder than it currently is. As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature! :slight_smile:

I have the spotlight camera on mains wiring and have noticed recently the volume is a lot lower than it used to be!! I can let wind louder than the ring spotlight camera siren. One reason for buyer said camera was it was advertised with a noise level over 100 decibels. Now its way way under that noise level. Could ring be taken to court over this?

I agree. I just installed my Ring Flood. One of the main reason I picked this product was because of the siren feature. After testing, I learned the built in Siren feature is patheticly low volume!

There has to be a way to increase the volume of the siren. The decibel level is so low it wont even scare birds away. Come on Ring… You can do better than that!

@jfwextreme1 wrote:

I agree. I just installed my Ring Flood. One of the main reason I picked this product was because of the siren feature. After testing, I learned the built in Siren feature is patheticly low volume!

There has to be a way to increase the volume of the siren. The decibel level is so low it wont even scare birds away. Come on Ring… You can do better than that!

They could, but they wont. The product is a mess.

The Ring siren has clearly been gimped and Ring is trying to keep it under wraps. The latest siren volume is pathetic!!! Ring should allow users to set the volume to max even if that means signing a waiver. The current setting is USELESS!!!

I can’t believe I waited for my little one to finish her nap before testing the siren :joy:

I’ve stumbled across this page looking for how to turn the ‘siren’ up… accept it’s not a siren. By definition a siren is ‘a device that makes a loud prolonged signal warning sound’

There is nothing loud or warning about this.

At best you can call it a ‘notification’.

Or more accurately, a
“did you hear that?
A ringing noise in the distance.
Stop talking and listen.
Oh wait, I do hear something.”

The loudest thing about this is the colour red on the word ‘siren’ on the app. (Like it’s some sort of warning to brace yourself - ha)

Ring, it’s a little embarrassing… you should fix this.

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Dear Ring Support!

The SIREN on my recently installed 2nd Flood Light Cam is not loud. I see many have been complaining about the same topic. Can something be done?? Software, perhaps a supporting SIREN BOOSTER extension that can be installed from the outside and connected to it?

The strange thing is that my 1st installed Flood Light Cam has a louder SIREN . The only difference between the two is that my more recent installation i bought online from Switzerland and the 1st installation was bought off a store stand in Switzerland (perhaps it was imported from the US and that made a diff?). The electrician that installed both did not do anything different.

Can something be done to fix it? its a shame if this is not possible as I was beginning to be a big fan of yours here in Switzerland!

I look forward to your reply.

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