Spotlight cam set up fail

So had ring spotlight for about a year
Recently charged the battery and then the device kept showing that battery wasn’t charged.
Followed guidance on here i have completely removed the device and now trying a new set up.
Now the device continually flashes blue and white and when I try to set up it will continually fail to connect to WiFi
I get notification allow ring app to join wifi network ring setup but the device fails to connect.
I have tried resetting the router didn’t work
deleted and reinstalled the app didn’t work
Tried an entirely different battery from another device didn’t work
I have also tried the reset holding the button for 20secs but as soon as I release it the device goes back to flashing blue and white

Sounds like it is in setup mode. Run setup from that point

Hi thanks for the reply.

I have tried unsuccesfully to set this up

i continually get the pop up “Ring” wants to join Wi-Fi Network “Ring Setup…” i click to join the network and then it says cannot join network.

I keep trying to join and then the app goes back to is Ring still flashing, answer yes.

back to the Ring wants to join WiFi network again but then never joins.

any other thoughts?