Spotlight cam "review"

I’m using Ring alarm system here at home, also including doorbell and the crappy Spotlight camera.(Also the plus protection plan).

This are my issue with the Ring Spotlight cam:
1… Have two battery’s they only last about a week,i have it “linked” to my doorbell cam (that is also battery powered, and that last weeks!). Battery’s are good (works good in doorbell).
2… Tried solar panel and to pull power straight from usb charger to this camera, battery’s needs to be pulled out and connected in order for this camera to charge with the solarpanel or usb charger (saw that others are having the same issue).
3… If i have the camera to set that lights should turn on when triggering movement, the lights go on and off every 30 sec or so (NO movement).

All in all the worse camera i have experience in my life!!
Have 4 cameras from Tp-link and another brand, they work as intended.

So ■■■■■■ of about this product that will take all the Ring devices away and cancel my plan…

Don’t buy this camera, many others have issues and reported this!

Hi @Teddan. Have you sought assistance for your Spotlight Cam? If not, we’d love to assist you. What is the RSSI for the cam? This is located in the Device Health menu. On average, how many activations per day are you experiencing? Have you adjusted your Light Settings to decrease sensitivity for just your lights? These are things that will help us gauge if your battery drain is excessive.