Spotlight Cam Reports Motion in Bursts of Three or More


I have had a spotlight cam on our back deck for a couple of years now. Last summer I bought the solar charger so I don’t have to keep charging the battery. It’s been working perfectly until a couple of months ago.

I was getting alerts that the battery was dead. I thought maybe it was from the cold so I charged it. Then I’m getting these weird bursts of notifications every time the camera picks up motion. I will get one, then another, then another and sometimes more very quickly all in a row. I find myself snoozing it just so my watch isn’t constantly bugging me.

Is my camera broken? Is it the battery? It’s been working flawlessly up to this point.

Thanks for any help!

Hi there, @smczech! A notification should only be received one time, depending on settings and mobile device factors. For instance, the Rich Notifications feature can result in two notifications at times when an event is answered quickly or if you are using a smart watch with your Ring app (as smart watches are not fully or officially supported at this time). Please also ensure you do not have linked devices, Amazon Alexa enabled devices, or multiple mobile devices that might be also notifying for events, sounding like multiple alerts. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: