Spotlight cam reliability

‘Unimpressed’ with reliability of spotlight cameras. Keep going offline despite a new and more powerful router. Distance involved is not great Other devices receive wi fi signal fine at greater distances. App keeps asking me to reset but whose bright idea was a reset method which needs a ladder to reach the reset button on the camera, high up on the wall. Why is it not possible to reset the camera by simple power off/on or other means ? Sometimes they will randomly reconnect on their own so this suggests reset is not always necessary ??

Hi @fixmeister. When a Ring Camera disconnects from wifi, it will automatically try to reconnect to the wifi network. If the signal is not strong or stable enough, your Camera may not be able to automatically reconnect and you would have to manually do so. Check the RSSI number on the Device Health, which is a measure of the signal strength. If this number is on the higher end, that would indicate a weak signal. Different building materials or other wifi-enabled devices can cause interference with the signal as well.

Thank you for the reply. One of my cameras has a last RSSI of 60 ( green ) but remains offline. Any route I take via the troubleshooting screens ends up with the inevitable ‘Press and release the button on top of your cam’ . I can’t get up there !
Why can’t this same function be achieved with power on/off. Trying to use the ‘reboot your device’ screens on my phone it then tells me it’s 'unable to join network ring setup XX. ’ The app is on version 5.65.1
My camera is therefore unusable unless I have a ladder ???

@fixmeister An RSSI of -60 is a bit on the higher side, indicating that the signal may not be strong enough for the Camera to maintain a stable connection. If your Camera is offline, you will need to access the setup button in order to put it into setup mode to reconnect to your wifi network. You cannot use the reboot option in the Ring app if your device is offline, as the Camera is not able to communicate with the Ring app.