Spotlight Cam Pro wont connect

Ive connected 6 devices within a minite each. Two separate Ring Spotlight Cam Pros refuse to connect. Spent an hour with customer service with no fix. I attempt set up, goes to 95% then flashing blue turns to flashing green and tells me to try again. Did this with 2 of this same device, is topped and connected a stick-up cam within minutes, my system is flawless but this particular model refuses to connect.

Any thoughts? 2 ring reps couldnt fix it.

Hi @Rlausch. For this concern, I would suggest connecting your device to a WiFi hotspot and use an Alpha-Numeric password. If you are able to connect to the hotspot, then the issue will lie with your network and you may need to contact your ISP to adjust some security settings that may be blocking your camera from joining your network.

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