Spotlight Cam Pro( wired) -Dashboard image not refreshing(but other cams are)

I installed some Ring cams for my neighbor. Doorbell Pro 2 wired and Floodlight Cam Pro wired a couple of weeks ago. Dashboard refresh for those 2 cams have been fine since day one. After waiting for the hardwired kit to arrive, i installed her Spotlight cam pro with the hard wired kit yesterday. The Spotlight cam pro dashboard image only refreshes if it detects motion/event or you do a live view. The Doorbell and this spotlight cam pro are connected to a Ring Chime Pro 2 and the Floodlight cam is connected to a Netgear wifi extender. Everything has 40-50 signal strength. so the dashboard refresh is not a weak wifi signal issue. The doorbell refresh works fine and it is connected to same chime pro 2 as the spotlight cam pro with refresh issue. Everything works as it should with the Spotlight cam pro (motions/alerts/etc) except the dashboard refresh. I experienced on my own system the dashboard image not refreshing last year but it was for all cameras and it fixed itself after a power outage. I have never seen 2 cameras refreshing but not the third. I have been seeing some weird issues mentioned on this forum with the Spolight cam plus and pro cameras. The cam is in wired mode(i actually didnt install the battery so neighbor would know if she sees the camera offline that it decided to switch to battery mode like i have seen mentioned here). Anyone else experience this ? Is it by design or maybe a bug in the new spotlight cam pro? I did read that the screen refreshes on battery cameras didnt refresh as often as wired to save on battery life. Not sure since the alternate power options (solar,plug in and wired) for the new spotlight cam plus and pro all use the same spotlight cam pro and plus battery cam that that for some reason even though the device showed wired that the app thought it was a battery version.

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Hi @tecboy. I appreciate the information regarding the Spotlight Cam Pro not going into battery mode even though it should be in wired mode. Rest assured that our team is investigating and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. When we receive an update regarding this issue, we will provide that information here. As for the preview tile not updating like the others, try rebooting the Camera using the Ring app to see if that helps. You also want to verify that it has a good RSSI level. If these steps do not help, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I mentioned above the rssi is 40-50 on every device…rebooted via app…also did a complete power cycle via wall switch…no fix…

this is not solved btw…and has nothing to do with the camera going in to battery mode…i purposely left the battery out to avoid the issue alot of others are seeing…camera switching to battery mode by itself…my issue is this camera (one of 3 total) …this camera does not refresh dashboard image as the others do. the only way dashboard image is refreshed is with a motion alert. I wasnt sure if its a bug or the fact that all the spotlight cam pro power options(wired,solar,plug in) all use the same spotlight cam pro battery camera…and the fact that the battery powered cameras seem to refresh dashboard image at a less frequent basis than wired. If this truly is the case, then this is another bug along with all the others with the new cam solution with using a battery based camera and plugging a usb cable in for the hard wired kit to make it a “wired” solution. Seems that the previous generation camaras that the camera was purpose built for wired option

I am also experiencing this issue. Installed 2x Spotlight Cam Pros (Wired) yesterday. I noticed the dashboard was not refreshing. Another thing I noticed is that both cameras had a red plug/outlet icon showing on the dashboard that when clicked, said the camera stopped receiving power. This icon was not immediate and showed up some time overnight. When I clicked on live view, then backed out, the icon went away.

All of my other cameras (half a dozen Floodlight pros + doorbell pro 2) are also hardwired and work fine with no power or network dropout issues, so it’s definitely a problem related to these hybrid spotlight cam pros using the hardwire kit.

I confirmed both spotlight cam pros are set up as Wired mode. Both have the pre-installed battery installed with a charge at 100%. One of my spotlight cam pros has a RSSI of -33, and the other is at -60. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

Another thing I noticed on all of my cameras, despite having constant power + network connection, shows the “last health check” is 12/31/69, 4:00 PM. Firmware is up to date on all cameras.

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