Spotlight Cam Pro wifi signal drops

I have a Spotlight Cam Pro under my deck. It’s connecting to a Chime Pro on the other side of the wall in the basement. The Cam has two batteries, and a solar charger. Part of the day RSSI is around 45, then if I don’t access it for a few hours, the RSSI drops to 95. If I go live view for a minute, the RSSI goes back to 45 or 50. What’s happening?

Hi @MNWIS. What type of WiFi network is this? Does you network have automatic switching between 2.4 and 5 GHz? What is the wall in the basement made out of?

I updated the snapshot feature to go every 14 minutes, instead of one an hour. It seems to help.

Hi @MNWIS. I’m glad to hear adjusting the Snapshot Capture seemed to help. If this issue arises again, it is likely due to signal instability based on the installation location of your Camera and the Chime Pro.