Spotlight cam Pro solar issues vs Ring Spotlight cam solar

I’ve recently replaced my aging and water filled Ring Spotlight cam solar with a new Spotlight cam Pro. I’ve also purchased the new larger solar panel to keep the Spotlight Cam Pro nicely topped up.

I’m seeing some issues compared to the trusty old Spotlight cam.

The new Pro is connected to the new solar panel and is in the location where my previous camera was. My previous camera had two batteries in and pretty much maintained 100% charge all year round. Even in winter when the temperature drops and the amount of sunlight is very low, I didn’t once need to take the batteries out to charge them in 5 years.

My new Spotlight cam Pro is losing 10% charge a day with only 1 or 2 activations. Meanwhile, my relocated old Spotlight cam (they are very close to each other) is still maintaining 100% charge.

To compound matters, the Pro seems to think it has a solar panel connected whether it does or not, even after a reboot and reinstall. It always states Solar Status Connected even if I disconnect it. Compared to the old Spotlight cam which states: Solar Status Connected (the text is green and there’s additional text to state a solar panel is connected and is able to charge the device.

There’s also an image of the camera with a solar panel next to the old Spotlight cam.

With the old camera it’s clear there’s a solar panel connected and that it’s able to charge the device.

The new device is giving me zero confidence that the solar panel is having any impact and the inconsistency in how it’s presented in the app isn’t filling me with confidence either.

RSSI is 54 and the cam connects instantly. My old cam is further away from the house so the RSSI is higher, yet it’s not draining the battery as the new one is.

Is this expected behaviour? Are the new cameras really that thirsty or is the solar panel not working as it should? Should I see in the app that a solar panel is connected and capable of charging the device as I do with the older model?

Any help would be appreciated as so far I don’t feel this is an upgrade at all.

Hi @user77545. The troubleshooting steps you’ve mentioned so far are the ones I would have suggested. With Solar Panel issues, we’ll typically recommend the following:

  • Clean the dirt or debris from the Solar Panel, and ensure it’s firmly connected to the camera.
  • Reboot your Spotlight Cam using the reboot option on the Device Health page.
  • Fully reset the camera by holding down the setup button for 20 seconds, then perform a new setup using the steps under Set Up a Device.

We also have some troubleshooting steps for Solar Panels here that may help. However, I’d recommend getting in touch with our support team to investigate this further, as you’ve worked through most of the basic troubleshooting steps already. Your concern might need to be escalated.

I have the same issues here. I have done all the troubleshooting steps. On the day of doing this, the solar panel will show it is connected and the word is green. The next day the wording is grayed out and even on a bright sunny day, there is no charging. I disconnected the solar and rebooted and reconnected and then it showed it’s connected and charged but the same issue the next day it stopped charging even if the batteries were showing below 40%.

Hi @BearRod. Since you’ve already tried the troubleshooting steps and this issue persists, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team. They can help investigate this issue in more depth.

Oh, I figured it out. It was a faulty solar panel. The new one works without issue. Thanks though!

@BearRod I’m glad to hear this has been resolved. Thanks for sharing an update!

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