Spotlight Cam Pro Siren Feature Request

Currently there is no way to have the Spotlight Cam Pro automatically sound the siren alarm as part of a mode setting. It sort of defeats the purpose of having it! Can you lease make it an option that for either HOME or AWAY mode I can cause the SIREN to fire in the event motion is detected.

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Hi @SkeetHarris. I came across this post in our Feature Request board that asked for a similar feature as you. Feel free to comment on or vote for that post. The Feature Request board allows us to share your requests with our teams here, as well as allows other neighbors to comment and add interest all in one place.

Hi @Justin_Ring. I commented on the Feature Request board. I think this would be a great feature to add to the Spotlight Cam Pro or any of the cameras with sirens. This would be an additional theft deterrent, since criminals feel more emboldened these days and don’t care if they are being recorded. I’m thinking that all the capability for making this happen is available in the camera. Would it just be a camera hardware driver update and an update to the Ring app in order to make this happen ? I’m simplifying the steps and everything is easier said than done, but just wondering what could be preventing the implementation of such a capability, that adds tremendous value to an already invaluable and indispensable security product ?

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Hi @Jim_7. At this time, there is no option to have the siren on a Ring Security Camera automatically go off with motion as it has the potential to cause many false alarms. We utilize the Feature Request board to share new ideas with our teams, but we don’t have information to share on future feature updates. Whenever a new feature is available, we will share that information in the appropriate threads.

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