Spotlight cam pro plug-in

Camera arrived this week but a bit unclear on the installation.
The 6m cable has an adaptor approx 2.3m from the camera which severely restricts where I fit it outside. the rest of the cable is attached to a 3 pin plug. I really need more cable outside but can’t establish if the adaptor can be fitted outside and if I were to do so would then have to cut the 3 pin plug off and fit another to replace it.
Questions then are - can the adaptor be fitted out side?
if it can - can I disconnect the wire from and refit after pulling the cable through the wall?
As ever all advice gratefully received.

Hi @LizCrx. We do not recommend cutting the wires of any of our products or accessories, as it will void their warranty and we cannot guarantee that they will operate correctly.

That doesn’t answer the main question though, can the adaptor be fitted outside?
As for cutting wires how can removing and replacing a 3 pin plug void a warranty?

@LizCrx. Yes, the adapter it comes with can be placed outdoors. Any alterations made to Ring products void their warranty. Our warranty page can be found here.

So basically this is sold under false pretences as there isn’t 6m from plug to camera to work with unless you make a massive hole to push the adaptor through. The cable is only 2.4m from adaptor to camera which is insufficient to place the camera where I’d originally intended. I’ll work with the 2.4m but it is all very unsatisfactory.
you’re website should make this very clear to purchasers.
Alternatively you could place the adaptor approx 1m from the plug which will at least give purchasers around 4-5m to work with.

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