Spotlight Cam Pro not working when wired

I purchase 2 “wired” spotlight cam and like all of you revived the one with the battery and also the wired kit.

I installed the wired kit, confirmed power is going to the unit however the camera will only work on battery power and not wired. I connected a second wired unit to another hardwire to test the units and still nothing when it comes to power. It will only rub on battery power and will not use the hardwire.

Kinda fed up with this as all of my other hardwired cameras work but this.

I installed a few of these ones. Do you remember selecting “Wired” during the setup process for each of the cams? If not, then in the Ring app, go to the camera and select “Device Settings”. Then scroll down and click on “General Settings”. You should see a row that says “Power Mode” - you’ll see either “Wired” or “Battery”. If it’s "Battery, then click on that row and change it to “Wired Mode”.

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