Spotlight Cam Pro has random weak signal only when connected to solar

Hi all,

I purchased two Spotlight Cam Pro’s a week apart. Neither is far from the router and both show an RSSI of between 54 and 59. My router also marks the signal connection to both as “Strong”.

However, when I connect Solar Panels to them, they will both at random times throughout the day report a weak signal which is consistently at RSSI-95. At the same time, the router still shows them as maintaining a “Strong” connection. Also, when they are displaying this very low connection strength they still function perfectly normally. I can detect no change in their functional capabilities nor in their performance.

Between the router showing a “Strong” connection and there being no perceived difference in performance /function, I tend to think this is more likely to be a firmware bug. Only occurs with the solar panels connected. Disconnect them and there is no issue.

Was wondering if anyone else had noticed this happening with theirs?

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