Spotlight Cam Pro - going back - nothing I like about it - what a let down

First off - I drilled into the stucco to mount the cam - very straightforward - I then mount it and I want to angle the cam to view right of the wall - since we have our back door long this wall. Little did I know the bracket has really no way of angling the cam the way I want it. Bracket is terrible. First Strike.

Second Strike: Doesn’t detect any motion at all - I can walk right up to the cam and it doesn’t trigger any alerts. After a few minutes of standing in front of it - an alert is triggered. I worked with Ring support to fix - it helped only a little. I was able to walk past my front door (ring doorbell - it triggered an alert) - I then walked up to the cam - took my ladder - and left - no alert. It is complete garbage.

Third Strike - no timeline. With snapshots - I should be able to see a timeline of my backyard - like I can with my Ring Doorbell - nope - no such feature. Only history recordings I have from the cam are the live cams that I’ve enabled AND the few times it detected movement by me being obvious.

What a terrible product - all the other Ring products I’ve bought have lived up to my expectations.

Hi @user52014. Motion detection concerns could have a few different causes, such as the settings or the strength of the wifi signal. It’s important to make sure your Motion Zones cover the areas you want to be notified about motion in. Battery powered devices have the Motion Frequency setting, and Ring Protect plan subscribers also have access to Smart Alerts to further refine motion alerts. Review these settings and adjust as needed, it may take some time to find the combination that works best for you.

In addition to the motion settings, the strength of the wifi signal is also key for optimal performance. A weak or unstable signal will negatively impact the Spotlight Cam’s ability to reliably detect and alert you to motion. You can learn more about wifi signal strength here.

Both Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras have the Event History Timeline. Check under Device Settings > Video Settings to see if you have the Tap Camera Preview for Live View option toggled on. This will bring you straight to the Live View when you tap the Camera Preview tile, and you’ll need to end that Live View to access the Event Timeline. Snapshot Capture also needs to be enabled under Device Settings > Snapshot Capture to have snapshot images appear on the Event Timeline at the designated interval.