Spotlight Cam Pro Freezes When Plugged In With Battery Inside

I recently ordered a couple Spotlight Cam Pro battery cameras - they were working just fine with two batteries in each unit.

One of the units I decided to order the plug in adapter because it was receiving more traffic and the battery wasn’t going to last as long - so I had it plugged in and kept the batteries in it just in case the power went out it would still have power for a bit.

The problem is with the Spotlight Cam Pro being plugged in with the plug in adapter while having batteries inside - it will eventually go offline. I thought maybe it just needs to be reconnected to WiFi, so I tried, but it is actually in a frozen state. Solid blue light, and tapping the setup button does nothing. Holding the setup button for 20 seconds does nothing. The only way to fix it is to remove the batteries and unplug the unit so that it turns completely off before restoring power to it.

I called support and went through the whole process, ended up getting a replacement unit sent out because maybe this one was defective. The new unit is doing the exact same thing.

Here is the common denominator and problem that we need Ring to FIX - if you have a Spotlight Cam Pro with any battery(ies) inside while also plugged in with the plug in adapter kit, it will eventually go into a frozen state within a day or so, offline and unreachable in the app. HOWEVER, if you have the Spotlight Cam Pro plugged in with the plug in adapter with NO BATTERIES inside the unit, it will stay online and good forever.

Spotlight Cam Pro battery version works fine if only powered by batteries.
Spotlight Cam Pro battery version works fine if only powered by the plug in adapter with NO BATTERIES inside.
Spotlight Cam Pro battery version will go into a frozen offline state after a day or so if you have batteries inside and you also power it with a plug in adapter kit.

Please fix this Ring!

Hi @buradd. The Spotlight Cam Pro should be able to perform normally with batteries in it and the plug-in adapter attached to it at the same time. Since your replacement is doing the same thing, it is best to contact our support team to further investigate this concern. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I am having the same symptoms with my Spotlight Cam Pro. (It is taking longer than a day, but it is definitely locking up, and unrepsonsive or reset until the battery is removed, and the external power is cut off, so the device will restart.). It has happened twice already, but telephone support seemed to imply I need to have it happen a third time before we can take any action to try to remediate the issue. My other ring devices work without any issue….

Hi @rabidpitbull. I’d highly recommend following up with support if this issue persists, as they will be able to escalate the issue if needed for further investigation. The Ring Community is a public forum, so we aren’t able to view details about calls to support or device information.